Living in Momarchy: Where Mommy Rules ALL

Provided by Tallent Show

Hello. I am a millennial momma and I’ve recently entered the world of raising two kids under the age of two years old. With my youngest at one-month-old right now, reality is just now setting in for me on how my life is quickly turningupside down!

Whenever my newborn isn’t latched onto me like a tick, I’m watching my 22-month-old like a hawk to make sure that he doesn’t try to kill his “baby bruhder”—which has been attempted numerous occasions in the most creative ways, like, putting a Lego man’s tiny hat near the newborns mouth “for safe keeping,” and putting a big plastic ball on the swaddled newborn’s face while he’s sleeping. We could say that big brother is still adjusting to having a new baby in the house.

Anyways, I have stayed at home with my first son since he was born almost two years ago. Since becoming a stay at home mom, I have realized just how PRECIOUS work is to me. Not because it is so awesomely fun! (Said no one ever….)  But, because it was my ME time. It got me out of my house that I would otherwise be sitting in all day shooting zombies and slaying giants in videos games with my husband. MAN, how I miss the pre-baby years. HA!

Unfortunately, going back to work is not an option for me right now since I decided to really screw myself and have another little one, so I am searching for a different kind of ME time.

Enter Living in Momarchy Blog.

I can’t promise that I’ll update often…or even that I’ll make another post after this one.

……I hope you weren’t hoping for a “BUT” after the last sentence….because I don’t have one.

Nonetheless, I have really enjoyed writing this post, so follow me and see what happens next Living in Momarchy, where mommy rules ALL!


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