Making an IVORY Soap Suppository for a Constipated Newborn

With both of my sons, they went through a period of constipation during their newborn stage. Both of them were strictly breastfeeding and not taking any medications at the time. With my first, FOUR DAYS passed with no BM. He didn’t seem terribly uncomfortable, though I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that he wasn’t going. It was the same story with my second son too, who went five days without aBM.

To get their bowels moving again, I remember rushing to Google to search for newborn constipation remedies. Let me say this: there are A LOT of “hear, say” stories out there starting somewhere along the lines of “my friend told me that she tried this….” or “my great-grandma would alway do this trick on my grandma…”

With those “he said, she said” stories mixed with all of the non-natural remedies, I finally decided to consult my mother-in-law for advice. She is a family physician and tries to keep medical treatments as natural as possible, so I was hoping she would have a solution. BOY, DID SHE!

She used a small IVORY soap suppository.

How to Make IVORY Soap Suppositories

WHAAAAT!?! Was I just told to stick a piece of bar soap up my babies bum!?

Yes, you were. That was my initial reaction as well, but man, does it work like a charm!

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go buy IVORY soap original. This soap is the gentlest soap available with no added perfumes or dyes.
  2. Wash YOUR hands.


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