Help Baby Sleep: Train Baby to Fall Asleep on His Own

Congratulations!! You’re finally ready to bite the bullet with your baby and say “buh-bye” to overnight feedings, comfortings, and just annoying “false alarm” cries that still get mommy up and out of bed. HELLO, FULL NIGHT’S REST!!


First, you need to train your baby to sleep through the night. Yes, train. Like a dog. There are TONS of baby sleep training methods out there. Some of them have fancy names and others say to just leave your baby outside so he doesn’t wake you up when he cries in the middle of the night. OKAY, the last one may have just been a bad thought that crossed through my head at 2 a.m. one sleepless night. Either way, there are lots to chose from.

Whatever method you do choose, here are some tips that I learned the hard way as I was sleep training my first baby.

  • Be consistent. If your method says to stand on your head every night until your baby falls asleep without you rocking them, then do it EVERY NIGHT. Once they pick up on the pattern, you are home free and your baby will start getting drowsy every time he sees mommy stand on her head…or whatever you preferred method is! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Help Baby Sleep: Train Baby to Fall Asleep on His Own

  1. Sounds like “Ferberising”…how old would you want your one month old to be before trying this? I have a 14 week old monkey who used to sleep through the night but after being fed to sleep at 8pm. I’m working on teaching him to sleep by himself so he can finally nap in the day! He can self-settle at night unless he’s going through a growth spurt but can’t fall asleep for that first stretch and totally resists sleep in the day! OR, if he does nap it’s a catnap and no sign of self-settling. *SIGH* Very jealous that you managed this feat!


    • Well, as we learn very quickly, all babies are different so hopefully you can find something that will work for you guys! With my one month old, we will probably start this around 5 months old like we did with my first, unless he show signs that he is ready to do it sooner(like sleeping for long stretches at night or only feeding a few minutes until he falls back asleep).


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