The Language of Raising Bilingual Children

My husband is from Russia, so we are teaching both of our boys to speak English and Russian. I can honestly say that raising bilingual children is A LOT easier than I originally thought. My oldest son is 22-months-old and seems to understand both languages without problem. We can give him a command in either, and he goes to do exactly what we ask.

From birth, my husband and his family has been talking to my son in Russian. We also got some Russian children’s books, Russian iPad apps, and he watches Russian children’s shows on YouTube, so it is no wonder that the language comes so natural to him.

Raising bilingual children

Because he is talking a lot more these days, our entire household seems to be talking in a broken Russian/English mixed language. Ruslish, I guess would be the proper name.  “Don’t touch it! Oooo…Garatchee!!” (garatchee=hot)

My husband has always told me that he wants to push the Russian language as hard as we can,  because our son will always be able to learn English whenever he starts school. And I’m thinking, “won’t there be communication issues between him and his teachers if he only speaks Russian when he starts?” I’m pretty sure they expect you to know the basics when you get there…Luckily, though, he is showing signs of learning both languages consecutively so we dodged that bullet!

I’ll post some reviews for products that my son has seemed to really learned a lot from on another post for any other Russian/English teaching parents out there!

I would also love to get advice from other parents who are raising bilingual children. It’d be great to hear what has worked for you and your child!


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