Life In My Shoes: A Stay At Home Mom Schedule

Stay at home mom schedule

If you’re thinking of quitting your 9-5 to stay at home with your little one, here’s my advice–DON’T DO IT! At least at a conventional job, you get to pee without having someone trying to crawl into your lap. And if that does happen at your work, then you probably need to reassess your commitment to THAT job. Just kidding! But, really…staying at home with a little one is not for the weak spirited. And staying at home with more than one is just plain nonsense. To give you an idea of what a typical stay at home mom schedule is like, here is my average daily routine with two kids under two.

8:00p.m.-7:30a.m.: Feeding and waking up with my infant son anywhere from every three hours(on good nights) to every one hour(God, help me on those days!)

7:30a.m: My 22 month old wakes up, which means everyone in the entire house wakes up whether they want to or not.

I ALWAYS do the dishes from the previous day before I start cooking breakfast. I work it around my toddler playing after he first wakes up, and feeding time for the infant. I am almost always exhausted and ready for bed when my toddler goes down at 8p.m., so I couldn’t even think about doing the dishes then.

8:30a.m.: Breakfast for the toddler and myself if I have time or remember.

9:30a.m.: Toddler bathtime

10:00a.m.-11:30a.m.: Feed the infant and play with the toddler all at the same time. Put the infant to sleep.

11:30a.m.: NAP time!!! WooHoo! Kids nap time is adult party time! On really awesome days, though, my infant son will be ready to feed as soon as I put the toddler down and I will not get any adult party time. awesome.

1:00p.m.: Toddler wakes up. I cook lunch for him and myself.

2:00p.m.-5:00p.m.: We usually play outside or run to any store if needed before getting ready to cook dinner. I’ll usually sweep the floors or do some other cleaning if my son lets me during this time. Of course, I feed the infant at some point in there too.

5:00p.m: Cook dinner.

6:30p.m.: Eat dinner….but not before getting up to get the ketchup……and the salt…..and the butter….OH, and could I please get another napkin too? Dinner is now cold when I finally get a bite. yummy.

7:30p.m.: Toddler bathtime

8:00p.m.: Toddler bedtime & mommy’s bedtime usually.

This is just an outline of my stay at home mom schedule. It varies on a daily basis and I would be silly if I tried to follow this exactly. You can see, though, that being a stay at home mom is VERY demanding…especially if you want to incorporate “you” time into your routine. It is nearly impossible. There will be days that you are so tired that you will either be yelling about everything or not caring about anything at all and then there will be days filled with laughter and joy. It’s a toss up. But very worth it.

If you are getting ready to begin your endeavors as a stay at home mom, buckle up and hold on tight! The wildest ride yet in your life is about to begin!

Momarch Steph


2 thoughts on “Life In My Shoes: A Stay At Home Mom Schedule

  1. I work 9-5 and agree with you 100% 🙂 Although both are difficult in their own ways and I would love to be the primary caretaker of my baby girl, by the time the weekends are through I am ready to go back to work because I…AM…BEAT from the constant need for attention! At least I am getting paid right? Being away from her helps me appreciate our time together a bit more. I can’t imagine how hard it is to give undivided attention 7 days a week to the ever growing demands of these beautiful babes! Mom’s have a tough job, and lots of tough decisions to make (staying home or working is a big one that’s for certain)…sounds like your doing great though so hang in there!


    • Hi, thanks for the follow and comment! It’s nice to hear from a fellow mom. I worked for about two months after having my first son before staying at home full time, and it was great. LIKE you, after a few days at home I was ready to go back to work. Work helped to make me feel human again. It was so nice to intereact with real adults instead of talking to an infant that you knew had no clue what you were saying and would just stare at you blankly!! Now, after staying at home for nearly two years now, I much prefer toddler conversations. There’s less pressure to say something witty, which I’m usually too exhausted to do these day’s anyways, so it’s a good fit for me! 🙂

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