DIY Laundry Basket Bassinet

DIY Laundry Basket Bassinet

One week after I had my second son this summer, I went to stay with my mom for a few days to help me out with handling a toddler and a newborn. She stayed home with my two siblings and me while we were young so she is my goto person for parenting tips! While I was visiting, all I had for my newborn to sleep in was a Pack-n-Play. It didn’t seem to be convenient, though, as my toddler kept me busy chasing him around the house that I was hardly ever able to be near the newborn.

My mom grabbed a laundry basket of hers, put some baby blankets in it, and put my newborn on top. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I could move him from room to room and it fit anywhere! AND, since I was recovering from a c-section, I wasn’t able to lift anything heavy. This was the perfect solution for that. I could push the basket around the house with my foot or I could attach a tether to the basket and pull my baby everywhere that I went.

Here is how to put together a DIY laundry basket bassinet:

NOTE: My son was only able to use this for about 6 weeks until he outgrew it. 

diy laundry basket bassinet

Begin with a basic rectangle shaped laundry basket.

Fold your first blanket to roughly fit the bottom of the laundry basket and put it in.

Fold your first blanket to roughly fit the bottom of the laundry basket and put it in.

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4 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Basket Bassinet

  1. That is a super cool idea! I am done having babies, and never had a c-section, yes, I was very lucky after having 6!! I never thought of this though. It would have been so useful, if not only just to have them lay in it lol


    • Thank you! When I stayed at my moms, I slept on the couch and he was in the basket in the floor right beside me, so I definitely used it whenever I wasn’t moving around the house too. And c-section or not, you’ve gone through your fair share of recovery pain after having 6 kds! Bless you! haha


  2. Cool idea but I worry there aren’t enough holes. I would worry about baby suffocating if he accidentally happened to roll over and not have his nose/mouth in any area where a hole was. Maybe this would work for an older baby that is able to move his head.


    • Yeah, I can definitely understand your concerns! I personally didn’t worry about that because my son was pretty immobile while this was used during his first few weeks. I would be more worried that he would accidentally roll over and become trapped once he was older, but that is just me personally with my son!

      I think it really just depends on you(or me or whoever is reading) as parent and what you are comfortable with doing! Thanks for your input, as it’s always nice to gather different opinions! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!


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