A Little Russian Culture For Kids

russian culture for kids

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

My husband is from Russia, so our two boys are half Russian and half (very southern) American. Because we are living in America, our number one priority is to make sure that they learn as much as possible about their Russian culture. So I wanted to share with you guys some of my toddler’s favorite Russian kids entertainment. All links are to corresponding Youtube videos.

Musicians of Bremen Part 1 & Musicians of Bremen Part 2This show is a variation of the infamous Musicians of Bremen. What I like about this one is that there is hardly any talking. They use a lot of music to do the talking throughout the story, so it is easy for even non-Russian learners/speakers to understand, however, the singing is in Russian. My toddler has been watching this since before he turned one and he still watches it regularly today!

Crocodile Gena’s SongThis song is from a VERY popular Russian kids show. It features Gena(the crocodile) singing about all these magical things happening on his birthday and how sad it is that a birthday only comes around once a year. Whenever my now two year old was around six months old, EVERY TIME he would hear this song, he would give the biggest grin! Now, he just dances around the house to it!

AntoshkaThis song is about a little boy who is disobeying orders to help pick and peel some potatoes.(Funny, I know! It IS true that all Russians like potatoes. I have yet to see otherwise.) When the time comes to eat the potatoes, the boy comes to the table with the biggest spoon and is ready to eat,  but he finds something other than potatoes in his bowl. My toddler LOVES singing this song, as it is pretty catchy. “Antoshka! Antoshka!”

I would say that I am watching EACH of the above videos at least twice a week with my toddler, per his request. If you are teaching your kids Russian, then I DEFINITELY recommend finding some Russian videos that your kid enjoys on YouTube. It has helped us tremendously!

Let me know your thoughts on the videos–if you thought they were strange, funny, entertaining or whatever, I would love to hear it! If y’all liked them, then I’ll keep updating and sharing more of my son’s Russian favorites!


2 thoughts on “A Little Russian Culture For Kids

    • Thanks for your reply!! YES! My son hasn’t really gotten into Smeshariki, but he will watch Masha and the Bear on occasion. Two great additions! Thank you!

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