Cute Baby Costumes With Comfort In Mind


I have been looking endlessly through cute baby costumes that my infant son(two months old now) can wear this Halloween and I’m actually pretty disappointed with the lack of options. It seems like my only options for an infant aside from making my own is either a lobster in a pot, a taco(really, a taco PEOPLE!?), or a box of popcorn. wtf?

While I was searching, though, I came across these amazingly cute onesies and sleep sets at The Corner Stork that could double as costumes! Not only are they adorable, but they are not bulky and would be super comfortable for an infant. I am personally leaning towards the Pilot set for my son.

Here are my favorite ones:

cute baby costumes

1. Baby Firefighter-2 Piece Set

2. Baby Pilot-2 Piece Sleep Set

3. Baby Princess-3 Piece Set

4. Baby Doctor-3 Piece Set

5. Baby Baseball Player-3 Piece Set

They do offer a few others too using the same concept, such as a Chef, Police Officer, and Ballerina, but these are the ones that caught my attention. They all make cute baby costumes and they are practical too…as long as Halloween isn’t too cold where you are! 🙂


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