8 Phrases I Never Imagined Saying Before Kids

photo credit: theloushe via photopin cc

photo credit: theloushe via photopin cc

As a mom to two boys under two, I have found myself saying some phrases that I would have never imagined saying before I had kids. It’s funny how we adapt as we grow into parents. Though, I can honestly say that I will not miss spouting off these phrases once my boys get older, as I’m pretty sure that they make me less of a person….anyway, here we go…..

1. “Get your hand out of your pants!!”

WHY?! WHY!? WHY, are little boys obsessed with their little manly parts!!? Being the only woman in a house with 5 men(dogs included), I can say that I am officially fed up with a man’s(and boy’s) fascination with their “junk.” OH, how I am ready for this phase to be over.

2. “Please, stop trying to eat your lego man.”

My son is pretty obsessed with his Legos. He takes his Lego men with him to the bath, to go pee-pee, to the store, and to bed. Whatever activity he is doing, he likes to include a Lego man with him. I have no idea why he feels the need to try to eat his best friend for lunch everyday, but whatever. He’s not even two yet, so I won’t judge.

3. “Stop squirming and let me wipe your booty!”

After having my second son in July, it only took a few diaper changes with the newborn to learn that my toddler is a GIANT who wears diapers. I can’t wait for the day when I never have to say this phrase again! 🙂

4. “Come here, let me get that booger out of your nose.”

Why do toddlers ALWAYS have boogers in their noses? It’s like a booger breeding ground in my son’s nose with a spawn rate of one every ten minutes! That’s 144 boogers a day, guys! I bet half my life is devoted to wiping my infant’s and toddler’s noses.

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8 thoughts on “8 Phrases I Never Imagined Saying Before Kids

  1. This made me smile. Kudos to you for finding the humor in every day life with your boys! I share one phrase with you that I ask my 9 month old daughter almost daily. “Are you stinky?” Though she can’t respond with words yet, she does give me a guilty smile that affirms my suspicions every time.


    • Thanks for your comment! The humor comes amongst LOTS of trying moments. You’ll soon learn the wrath of talking toddlers and their many demands! 😉


  2. Hahah! This was so entertaining! I’m looking forward to the next year with having a 2+ and a near one year old. I’m totally with you on a giant in a diaper thing though, changing his diaper and the changing hers makes it seem so wrong that he’s still in diapers but lord knows I am NOT ready to potty train yet :p


    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it! I’m sure we will have a whole new set of phrases to say when they grow a little! Ahhh, the never-ending cycle of parenting…


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