DIY Everyday Challenge: Mummified Party Spoon Halloween Craft


So, yesterday I saw where Emily at Chasing Ayden is doing a 5-day DIY Everyday Challenge starting today. She offered up for other people to join her so I decided to take the challenge! I think she is doing all Fall crafts, so you should definitely check out her site to see what cool things she comes up with!

I, however, will be doing any crafts that I can do with the limited supplies that I already own, so Fall crafts may be out of the agenda, but we’ll see.

Today, I decided to go with a VERY simple Halloween craft that is the perfect addition to your next spooky Halloween party!

DIY Mummified Party Spoon Halloween Craft

Here’s what you need:

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Halloween From My Followers

5 Things I’ve Learned About Halloween From My Followers

halloween followers

My “followers” posts are easily becoming some of my FAVORITE ones to do! It helps me catch up on reading new posts from them and it’s usually pretty humorous pulling their quotes out of context!

SO, here’s my Halloween edition of Thing’s I’ve Learned From My Followers:

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11 Homemade Disney Princess Costumes for Girls


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9 Scary Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes

These are just plain creepy…

Maybe some options for my sons for next year…but still creepy.

1. Zombie 

zombie toddler boy halloween costumes

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12 Fun Mommy and Me Costumes

1. Ariel and Ursula

mommy and me costumes

2. Pirate and Parrot

mommy and me costumes

3. Spider and Web

mommy and me costumes

4. The Great Gatsby

mommy and me costumes

5. Alice and Cheshire cat

mommy and me costumes

6. Wayne’s World

mommy and me costumes

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Cute Baby Costumes With Comfort In Mind


I have been looking endlessly through cute baby costumes that my infant son(two months old now) can wear this Halloween and I’m actually pretty disappointed with the lack of options. It seems like my only options for an infant aside from making my own is either a lobster in a pot, a taco(really, a taco PEOPLE!?), or a box of popcorn. wtf?

While I was searching, though, I came across these amazingly cute onesies and sleep sets at The Corner Stork that could double as costumes! Not only are they adorable, but they are not bulky and would be super comfortable for an infant. I am personally leaning towards the Pilot set for my son.

Here are my favorite ones:

cute baby costumes

1. Baby Firefighter-2 Piece Set

2. Baby Pilot-2 Piece Sleep Set

3. Baby Princess-3 Piece Set

4. Baby Doctor-3 Piece Set

5. Baby Baseball Player-3 Piece Set

They do offer a few others too using the same concept, such as a Chef, Police Officer, and Ballerina, but these are the ones that caught my attention. They all make cute baby costumes and they are practical too…as long as Halloween isn’t too cold where you are! 🙂

12 Unique Baby Costumes

12 Unique Baby Costumes

1. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Baby Costume

2. Mermaid

Mermaid Baby Costume

3. Mummy

Mummy Baby Costume

4. Elvis

Elvis Baby Costume

5. Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor Baby Costume

6. Hobo

Hobo Baby Costume

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