DIY Everyday Challenge: Mummified Party Spoon Halloween Craft


So, yesterday I saw where Emily at Chasing Ayden is doing a 5-day DIY Everyday Challenge starting today. She offered up for other people to join her so I decided to take the challenge! I think she is doing all Fall crafts, so you should definitely check out her site to see what cool things she comes up with!

I, however, will be doing any crafts that I can do with the limited supplies that I already own, so Fall crafts may be out of the agenda, but we’ll see.

Today, I decided to go with a VERY simple Halloween craft that is the perfect addition to your next spooky Halloween party!

DIY Mummified Party Spoon Halloween Craft

Here’s what you need:

Check out the COMPLETE POST here at the NEW!!


How to Make Sports Ticket Invitations

Lately, I have been looking for sports party ideas to do for my son’s 2nd birthday party. I have seen all kinds of cute sports ticket invitations, so I decided to go ahead and make my own today on Photoshop while he is away at grandma’s house!

Here is my final product! (Of course, with names and addresses changed!)

Sports Ticket Invitation

I am definitely NOT a PHOTOSHOP WIZARD, but with Google I can do anything. In fact, I may make a sign that says that to hang in my office space. “I can do all things through Google” HAHA!

Anyway, here’s how I created my sports ticket invitations:

NOTE: All downloads are free and have been used by me personally. I DO NOT receive any monetary value for you downloading or clicking the links that I have provided.

I started off in Photoshop with a new canvas size of 2.3in x 6in. and with a resolution of 150 ppi(pixels per inch).

For the font, I used four different fonts. The only one that I had to download was the Collegiate Heavy Outline. All the others were already uploaded into my Photoshop.

For the words “You’re” and “Saturday, October 11”, I used the font Tekton Pro.

For the words “Jason” and the number “2”, the font Collegiate Heavy Outline was used, which can be found here: Collegiate Heavy Outline Font

“Invited” and “Play Ball Party” were done in the font Brush Script Std.

Everything else starting from the TIME all the way down to the SECTION and ROW numbers were created with the Courier font.

The grass texture behind the picture was created following this easy step-by-step tutorial that I found. Here is the link for that: Grass Texture Tutorial

The sports balls were all made using this Photoshop paint brush that I was able to track down. Here is the link: Sports Balls Paint Brush

And finally, the barcode was easily made using a paint brush, as well. Here’s the link: Barcode Paint Brush

Now that you have the basics that I used to create my sports ticket invitation, you can pick the colors that you want, find a great picture to showcase, and piece a design together that suits your needs. Good luck, and please, share your creations and any other sports party ideas that you may have!

NOTE: It took me three hours to create this, which consisted of reading tutorials and downloading fonts and paint brushes as I went. SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!